Better coping with the next wave of COVID-19 viral outbreak by fighting bacterial co-infections

Viral outbreaks come in waves, so a next wave of COVID-19 can be expected. Bacterial co-infections often occur and accelerate the deterioration of virus-infected patients, especially when they obtain ventilator-associated pneumonia at the ICU.

Survival rate and recovery process will improve significantly when patients immediately receive targeted antibiotics for the bacterial co-infections. Optimal treatment of bacterial co-infections will shorten the stay of patients in the ICU and lessen the burden on the ICUs.

Immediately providing targeted antibiotics for bacterial co-infections in the ICU requires an advanced point-of-care diagnostic instrument with very short turnaround time.
DigiTOF® technology is the superior technology that optimizes treatment of bacterial co-infections at the ICU. Based on the current Cirrus® D20 platform, BiosparQ needs 9 months of additional development to realize this application that results in improved treatment of COVID-19 related or any other viral related respiratory tract bacterial co-infections.

To bring its Cirrus® D20 platform at full speed to the market, BiosparQ is looking for collaborations.