The platform developed by BiosparQ opens a new and wide variety of applications. The big breakthrough is that BiosparQ is able to identify bacteria on the basis of typically 10-100 individual bacterial cells. BiosparQ’ s new DigiTOF® technology is fast, easy  to use and cost effective. There is no time-consuming cultivation process, no need for use of an expensive laboratory infrastructure nor highly trained personnel.

Medical applications

The sooner the cause of a patient’s infection can be detected, the sooner that patient can be administered with the right antibiotics, resulting in faster recovery and significant cost savings Additionally, this will help in fighting the growing problem of multidrug-resistant bacteria, which is believed to be driven by the over prescription of antibiotics and the misuse of broad spectrum antibiotics.

Because no laboratory is needed, bacterial profiling can take place close to the patient (Point-of-Need) instead of relying on offsite clinical laboratories.

Food production applications

As a result of higher global demand there is increasing pressure on food production yields. At the same time high quality standards have to be met. Late discovery of contamination can cause major (economic) damage.

Also in case of food contamination, detection will be quicker and more adequate. The platform can be used for in-line monitoring and control of industrial biotech processes. This allows analysis of products at any stage of production. Present solutions only allow for time-consuming end-product evaluation, which may cause severe economic damages.