Cirrus® D20

  • Rapid identification of micro-organisms

  • Patented Single cell MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry: DigiTOF®

  • Direct analysis from sample in just minutes instead of days

  • No culture required, application at the point-of-need

  • Proven performance

Single cell MALDI-TOF

Medical Applications

The sooner the cause of a patient’s infection can be detected, the faster that patient can be administered with the right antibiotics. This will also help in..

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Food production Applications

As a result of higher global demand there is increasing pressure on food production yields. At the same time high quality standards have to be met..

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Our technology

BiosparQ technology enables real-time bacterial profiling directly from a sample. Within a few minutes of taking the sample, its full bacterial composition can be determined. By analyzing cells one by one on the basis of..

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